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Here is a very easy recipe for delicious and quick sausage and biscuits. I would make these for my daughter while at college, and they would not last long.

1 box 36 count Rudy's Farm mild (your chioce of course) sausage patties.

Equal amount of canned biscuits. Buy the small kind, I always try and find Pillsbury's 1812 brand, but they are harder to find these days. The flakey kind work real good too.

Put the sausage patties in the smoker and use hickory (again your choice) wood, but make sure the wood is very small chips or sawdust consistency. I let the patties get a good blast of smoke, my purpose here is not to let the patties cook, but to flavor them with smoke.

I must admit, I have never left the patties in the cookshack and just let them cook. I have always taken them out very carfully, and fried them outside on a large cast iron skillet. I guess you could say I create more work for myself by doing this, but I know this works good.

Cook the biscuits in the stove and load with the patties.

Put them in the gallon size freezer bags, 16 is the max you can load in one bag. They keep frozen a very long time.

This is a very simple recipe, but will guarantee make you friends, and possibly even candidacy for the president of the United States. Enjoy, Lets_eat
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