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Help guys, I'm looking for information on a sausage mixer. I just finished mixing up six pounds of beef and pork that I bought already ground. I used the Eldon's snack spice for my seasoning. It's curing in the fridge now.

I mixed with my hands because it is to stiff a mixture to use a hand mixer. If I really get into this making my own sausage thing I will want something to take over this task.

I am concerned about some of the cheaper mixers that you buy for home use because they usually won't last long under heavy loads like a sausage mix. I also would like to avoid paying comercial prices for a restaurant quality mixer if that is possible. Any thoughts on this would be appriciated.


Charlie Confused
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Hi Charlie!

For what it's worth, I just wrote an article called "Sausage Making the Easy Way". It can be found at the following link......

I have been mixing sausage by hand for most of my life. It really is pretty easy(takes me just about 10 minutes to do a 6lb. batch) and 6 pounds of sausage goes a long way in most houses. Now, I admit that if I were to be doing it every couple days, I would buy a mixer, but for these batches, hand mixing has been my choice.

The article really addresses the "stuffing" issue...I tell you how I make sausage without using casings. Of course, you still must mix by hand.

Thanks Stogie, I have been to your site. Read it about a week ago and again today before I started the batch of sausage. I had already decided to use ground meat from the store myself for sausage. I couldn't see why it wouldn't work but was glad to have your confirmation that it indeed did work. I agree that I can mix by hand but like a lot of guys its an excuse to buy a new tool.

Charlie Wink
Bruce wrote:
Last year, after the dr. told me my cholestrol was 281, I decided to start making my own sausage using only pork loin. I found an additive called "Uncle Abe's Fat Replacer"

I'll see your 281 and raise you 100. Frowner A combination of common sense (very little) and Lipitor has me down (as of yesterday) to 128 with a 74 LDL. Yeah! Bring on the pork! Wink (Just kidding, doc)

I'd be very interested in your source for Uncle Abe's. I've tried to find it on the net with no results. I'd like to make up a small batch of Stogie's(?) sausage with it.



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