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Posted March 21, 2007 03:10 PM
I was looking up info on the new cookshack sausage site and found some information on sausage stuffers. Anyone have and information or recommendings on a Grizzly 15 lbs. stuffer Model# H7776 FOR $220.00. Is it any good or worth the money, do you have any suggestion on something in that price range.Any info will be a big help in trying to select a stuffer. Thanks to you all for your help and for this wonderful forum.
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I wish I had a picture of this, but if you can let your imagination go wild...

My introduction to sausage stuffing/making was on my first elk hunt. Arrived in Gardner, MT at the sisters/bro-inlaws around noonish and sis said hubby is at friends house up the road making sausage in the shed out back. Upon arrival, found the two grinding the last of the meat from a whole elk (saved were a few good cuts for the butcher) for sausage.
Their setup was quite unique to say the least.
Mounted on the ringer drive arm of a early 50's vintage Maytag washing machine was the grinder, which was dumping into the tub as spices were added. On occation the tub was turned on to mix with the help of a cut off oar to stir with.
All was quite effective. With the grinding and mixing done for this batch, next came the stuffing. With the grinder removed from the ringer drive, the stuffer was proudly mounted by the designer of the rig and the stuffing began. It was all that 4 of us could do to keep up with the dipping the mixture from the tub, one feeding the stuffer, one twisting and one directing the product into a cooler. The only break we had was to start a new casing and test some schapps before it went bad.

Now what else does one need?

The sausages were ready for the smoker. Moving the coolers of sausage outside (about 5˚), there stood a resurected double door ThermoKing cooler, about 6' wide. With the strings of sausage hung on rods above an array of electric skillets (4 if I recollect) on the bottom (with a bit of water and lots of wood chips) the rig was fired up. After being tended by the cook, for about 2 days, we had the best sausage I have ever eaten.

Sorry, but I cannot recommend a better stuffer than the above, as it is my only experience with sausage. I have often thought of a rig like this for my own, but the last Maytag Ringer I saw was in a farm yard with flowers growing in to it was a flower planted bed frame with a sign "flower bed", which was next to a seasoned toilet full of flowers, with a sign "flower pot". As for the Maytag, no sign, just one of those posteirer yard arts leaning over it. They just did not know what the Maytag could really do.

Hopefully someone can intellegently answer you request, I will be watching as I am intrigued by the sausage making and want to give it a try, just can't find a good Maytag anymore, so I too will look forward to more helpfull replies to your request.

I own the Cabelas commercial 1hp grinder and two of their 10# stuffers. The grinder has standard commercial grinder plates that you can buy at any site or restaurant store. I forget the company that makes them for CAbelas but I am on my third year.

I love them all, I do about 60lbs of susage in a batch.


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