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I like this one you sent. I can store my Q tools and stuff inside where they will keep clean and dust free. It looks like I can store my flavor wood and briquettes in the cupboard side, there will also be room for the extras like pans and racks etc.

My only concern is will grease soak into the top wood block? You know there will be grease spills on the top. Maybe I can find a cap of some type to put on it to protect it. Any Ideas?

I live near Sacramento and the closest Sams is closing up shop but There are some others around here.
Interesting I went over to the local Sams that will be closing in a week or so to take a look at these and they had them in stock. Then I looked around and saw the display model on sale for $130 so I went for it. I saved 20% or so.

The Sams here will be closing so they have marked all the displays (TV, chairs etc) down to get them out the door. If you want one of these carts and a Sams is closing near you go get one now as there is only one display in the store.
I've got that cabinet (after Smokin showed it to us) and had a friend make me a new wood top out of maple. I soaked the maple top in Cedarshield wood preservative:


Cedershield turns the wood into a water proof material. The wood actually becomes like petrified wood after a period of time. I called the company and talked to them to find out if I can drill holes in it (to attach the smoker) and was told for the first few months then the wood would become impervious to water and cutting.

It's a one time, permanent water proof treatment for wood. I must disclose that I've dripped a couple grease spots on it that doesn't seem to want to come out. Doesn't bother me, but if I used the original top for a few months and let the treated top set up, it would probably be indestructible.

I use the cabinet just like you describe. Great storage. Solid. Large wheels. Low center of gravity. Easily rolls.
I was looking for a more permanent solution to the maple top than the polyurethane it comes with. That why the Cedershield. The new maple top should last forever. Drip stains may be the tradeoff though most clean up if they don't sit overnight. I just couldn't resist something that makes the wood permanently water proof since the cabinet will be sitting in the elements.
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Pags, You bolted your Q to the cart? Humm maybe a masonry bit or I would call the granite contractor and ask how to drill.

Or better yet just get them to drill the holes for you so you can just glue it down with liquid nails or silicon seal then bolt the Q down through the holes. Just take a piece of butcher paper and set the Q on it and make a template for the holes with a sharpie so they can drill them.
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