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Go to the new owners at the top of the owners forum.

Should be all you'll want to know.

Probably the same thing the manual says.

All you are trying to do is put a coat of smoke on the walls and be sure the cooker is working.

It is a continuing process.

You can run it a few hours empty on high, while you check out the temps on the racks,and check your thermometer, and temp swings[which you ignore]

Toss a large pork butt in overnight,next,and you'll be good to go.
I was really excited and seasoned my smoke with hickory for 6 hours. I then started with ribs for my first bbq smoke. They did not come out right and they were to smokey and rubbery. I was going by time and temp only. They reached the correct temp but they were not done. I have found the cook shack has a big fudge factor and is very forgiving. I learned that they are done when they are done. Do not go by temp or time only. I believe the temp is a guide. It still comes down to feel and texture. It is tough to overcook something.

I have would second pork butt. It took my cs55 two smokes before it started to season up real good and has gotten progressively better each month.

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