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Hi all. Two months ago, before learning the difference between 'select' and 'choice' beef grades, I purchased a 14.6lb select packer (on sale), and froze it. Now I know I should be looking for choice. My question is: should I leave that one in the freezer and get another (choice) for my first full brisket, and do the select one after I'm more experienced? If not, any special tips for the select? Hoping to toss one on this weekend.
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Yep, planning in usng that recipe that has been the subject of the ongoing thread (Incredible Brisket Recipe). I figured I'd get a bunch of "just smoke it up and quit worrying" replies. I am blessed to live in an area where we have a choice, but makes sence that those who don't still has success. Thanks Steve ...
i live in the brisket hinterlands here in florida. the only briskets i can get are from wally world and are marked select. neat thing is though you froze it. use the thing!!! the ice crystals formed by home freezer actually kind of tenderize the meat to a degree. you didnt say what model smoker you have but in my 150 i've had good results with packers that size by setting temp at 215f time at 15 hours, max load of wood, and a hold temp of 165f. that should get you in the ball park
have fun!!! don't worry!!!! as my old german chef taught me "meat is like a dog. it can sense fear and will react accordingly"
Thanks, all, it's marinading now, on the smoker tomorrow night, having a blast. That 14.6 lb puppy did not want to go in my 2.5 gallon ziploc bag ... Jack's "brisket hinterland" comment cracked me up. Cooking on an 055, BTW. Thanks for the reassurance that I'm not doomed before I start.

Cheers, Phil

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