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my foil pan discussion made me hungry. i went to my butcher and picked up a 16 lb choice brisket with a tight grain and i picked up a boneless pork shoulder at cosco 2 @ 8 lbs, i am going to try the pan with water on shelf 4, brisket fat side down and point to the left on 3, shoulders on 2 and beans on 1.

i plan on smoking brisket at 180 for six hours and then kick it up to 250.

my question is when should i put the shoulder in?
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Don't know what the water pan might do ,or how long it might extend the cook.

I'm with Smokin', on starting them all together-since that is the purpose of running the cooker down on smoke setting.

Trimmed packers, that size ,seem to take around 50 mins/lb.

I've only seen one guy, over the years,use a water pan in an FEC and it was with large butts.

He had trouble getting them to finish.

Let us know.
turned out fantastic. i put the brisket in at 11 PM for a 6 hr smoke at 160 and then hold at 250. added the shoulder at midnight. took the shoulder out at 190 at 1:00 pm and kicked the temp to 275 to get the brisket up to 190 and added the beans. at 193 the briket probed like butter. double wrapped in foil with towell on both products. dropped the temp to 170 to add smoke to the beans. neighbors show up at 4. we ate at 5 with my homemade BBQ sauce on the side along with Jalapeno corn bread. at 6 they were fighting over the scraps of bark which is all that was left.

a note on the boneless pork shoulder that i picked up at cosco. as it was boneless i tied it up before applying some brown sugar and then i used Fast Eddy's rib rub. it wasn't as good as a butt but than again there were no leftovers. i used cookshack brisket rub on the brisket on it was fantastic.

thanks for all your help!

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