What about a sticky post for everyone to post their Smoker setup???????

I would be very interested in seeing what people are using and how they constructed their area.

Thoughts??? SmokinOkie, are you still the head guy on this forum???

Mine is a temp setup until the deck is built this summer, but it works.


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I like your idea.

And, yes, Smokin' is our resident Head Muckety Muck. Smiler
Originally posted by dmaclaren:
Thoughts??? SmokinOkie, are you still the head guy on this forum???

Nah, I'm still the head Dishwasher and I do take out the trash when needed Smiler

I made it a sticky, thanks for the suggestion.

If needed, anyone can email me the photo and I'll make it available to everyone or you can post it via the Forum process to add a photo to your posts.

Here's mine, and don't ask me how I built it, because I can't remember!

It works great, though. How about that nice green colored pine? I got the tin of stain out of the clearance bin at Home Depot.

The only problem with my design is that marauding animals can pull the drip pan out and lick it dry (after making a big mess, of course). I have to remember to remove it if it is replete with the likker.


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Sam's Club Online:
24 in. x 30 in. x 34 in. Stainless Steel #984022 $71.62

24 in. x 24 in. x 34 in. Stainless Steel 984015 $63.63

items subtotal $135.25

shipping subtotal $76.00

tax subtotal $16.18

order total $227.43

Cut 24x24 table legs to your desired height.
Not a bad price for SS work tables (galv. legs and bottom shelf)
Magic Dragon,

That is a nice set up!

Beats mine like a cheated-on trailer park girl beats her boyfriend (and three kid's father) on Jerry Springer!
RichH, I like your setup and am copying it if you don't mind. I bought a Rubbermaid closet yesterday and will be working on it today. I'll post pics when complete.

Thanks for the idea!
Originally posted by RichH:
Any time, I have a brisket in mine as we spaek Smiler

Here's a pic of the finished product. You may notice some of the wifes garden tools in there as well. It was a way of selling her on the project. Give a little, take a little.

I've used it twice now and it works quite well.
Thanks for the ideas.

Man, that indoor position is a great idea, especially for inclement weather.

Looks great, just make sure you keep the chimney up at least a couple inches from the top vent or you can actually make it draw too much air and have the wood box catch on fire.
Originally posted by RichH:
Looks great, just make sure you keep the chimney up at least a couple inches from the top vent or you can actually make it draw too much air and have the wood box catch on fire.

That's interesting. Don't you wind up with alot of smoke inside the cabinet?
Originally posted by GeiyserQ:
Nice set- up bayside.

Man there is going to be trouble now! Big Grin I can't believe you didn't tell us about this site! Eeker By the way there are pictures of smokers here but they have electric chords trailing off them. What's that all about? Wink
I'd like to post some pictures of mine but the weeds have overgrown them! Eeker
I live in Nebraska where the weather can present a challenge! I'm lucky enough to have a "shed". My "shed" is a detached two stall garage. It's got a fridge, phone, radio and color TV (with cable). I don't want to miss any Husker games, so the TV was mandatory. The shed now is home to my Cookshack 009. I bought the unit in late April and have already run 16 batches of "Q"!

Here's my setup. I got a Cookshack Model 15 H/S shell from a junkyard, and my son and I rebuilt it. The controller on top is a digital oven controller, and it's in an MDF box painted with high-temp BBQ paint.

We added the wheels and bottom tray. It was a really fun and rewarding project, and the food is fantastic! I've even sold three briskets to friends and such.

The whole story of the rebuild is here:


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Hey Pike and Son, Great Job and fantastic photo documents. Just curious how long it took to rebuild and approximately how much coin you have in it.

Very nice and a great Father/Son project.
Hi Brewbek,

It took about two months, but that was working only about one day a week.

All the racks, and the controllers, and the steel for the bottom are from a local junkyard. I've got at most $200 in it, and the bulk of that money was for stuff I bought new - paint, JB Weld, and the heater coils. I'm sure we've spent much more than that for brisket!

It was a really fun project, and I'd help anyone do another. You could easily make one from scratch, I'm sure.

i will have to find some 'open door' pics to add. but this, is the big rig. two sides, one has two racks, the other has one. each side, has a gas burner in the bottom, and a metal plate above the burner for wood. i can put 20 butts on one side, 30 on the other. thats a 400lb load. she was custom built, in 2000. it took a week, and tons of man hours, for a total cost of 18k. the grade of metal makes a huge difference in price. (my doors weigh in at over a hundred pounds) we had a stack fire, in july, two weeks after having it cleaned(i think maybe they used flammable solvents). the roof around the stack, and the ceiling and the stack theirselves are all new.
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When I got my new smoker last week we had a nasty ice storm so I had to come up with a make shift cover for my first q. So I decided to build a permanent home for my 55. I probably went a bit overboard with the shingles and flue but I enjoy messing around with building things and since I recently retired I have plenty of time on my hands. This should keep my 55 out of the snow storm we have headed for us tomorrow.


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Originally posted by Brewbek:
Nice Trucky, that'll work just fine. What part of the woods you live in? I'm dealing with that snow stuff here too.

I'm in Omaha, NE. I just added my location to my profile.

We're expecting anywhere from 4 to 6 inches so it won't be too bad, but still enough to have to shovel.... Frowner
Things are pretty simple....the 055 sits on the back deck right off the kitchen.

This is how things look when I'm off the grid:

Yeo fishdoc, Dig it! wonder if my two mules " Bonnie & Clyde" Would stand for the honda & the cookshak? Your my kinda guy! Dig yer pics!
I just got my 008 but here is the setup for now, Metro cart with a Stainless steel top.

I'll have to squeeze Little Red in here

Along with the other toys

Midnight Ramblers BBQ

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