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Use your favorite rub. I use Bonesmoker's myself. Cover it pretty well with the rub. Cover it in food wrap, put in a foil pan, and put in fridge for at least a few hours or overnight at most.

Take the roll out and uncover. Fire up smoker and get heat up to 225. Take roll out of pan and put in smoker. Stick a remote probe in it and set alarm for 160. When it hits 160, take it out and put it in a foil pan. Cover with foil. Put back in smoker and cook until it gets a internal temp of 190-195. Once there, take it out and let it sit in the foil covered pan for at least a half hour. Then take meat and start shredding.

Be sure you keep the liquid in the bottom of the foil pan. Remove the fat from it and mix the remaining liquid back in with the shredded beef. If you like, you could also sprinkle a little more of the rub on the shredded meat and mix it in.

Just so they get proper credit, most of this cooking method came from a recipe on Virtual Weber which I used back when I used to cook on WSMs.

If you need to add liquid, here's the latest RSM recipe:

Rick's Sinful Brisket/Chuck Marinade

"¢ 12 oz. can of beer
"¢ ½ cup cider vinegar
"¢ ½ cup Worcestershire sauce
"¢ ¼ cup olive oil
"¢ 1 tablespoon beef base
"¢ 2 tablespoons barbeque sauce
"¢ 2 tablespoons Cowtown Steak Seasoning (seasoned salt or rub)
"¢ 1 tablespoon celery seed
"¢ 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
"¢ 1 teaspoon MSG
Mix the ingredients and baste as necessary, or add when wrapping at about 165*.
I know Rick and what the baste is for.

I,personally,would not use it for this.

I have cooked more than a few clods, and rolls, over the years,and simple can be best.

I'd go with what John suggested,or Montreal Steak Seasoning from any grocery.

If you want extra liquid,which I don't think you will-mix a little losalt beefstock and black coffee.

Most of us have it around,and it is cheap. Wink

Just my $0.02

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