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Tried a small 4.5# butt this weekend. This was as simple as you can get and was was fantastic! Took it out of the fridge at 7 am, rubbed it with Strawberry's rub and put it in the Smokette at 7:30 am @ 250*.

Never once opened the door 'til the temp on the remote said 195*. Which, by the way, took til 7:20 pm to get there--12 hours for a 4.5# @ 250* sure seems like a long time? Took it out, wrapped it in a towel and into a cooler for an 1 1/2 hours and bam! It was very good.

One thing I'm finding out about my Smokette is that I can obviously throw out EVERYTHING pertaining to how long it SHOULD OR USUALLY takes. I know each cut is different, but man my times seem like they take longer than everyone elses?! No biggie though, food tastes great and I'm adjusting my start times as I go.
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About twice a month,I post that cooking butts is not linear, as to weight/cooker temp/tender temp.

We aren't boiling water at sea level.

Think about sawing a 3/8 inch slice, across an eight pound, bonein butt.

Fry it 2 mins on a side at 375* and it will be at"temp"?


You couldn't cut it with a sharp knife,much less pull it.

Low and slow cooking ,means time to break down collagen and render all the fat.

That is what smokers do.

Now,think about buying a sixteen lb, two pk of butts.

Not previously frozen.

Cook it the same 250*,1.5 hrs/lb per the eight lbs.

Twelve hrs.

Double wrap it and keep it in the hot box for 3-4 hrs to finish.

Sounds to me like it was right on schedule. Big Grin

A little more reading/experience and you won't be able to figure what those other folks are talking about. Smiler
Well Tom, after a few smokes and reading your information here a second time on the butt (you told me the same thing a few weeks ago), I think I'm finally getting it. Slowly but somewhat surely. Smiler

I'm smoking a pork loin today on my Cookshack Elite. After reading some success stories on the forum, thought I'd give it a try. Injected apple juice last night, covered with Cookshack's rib rub, and let it sit. Will smoke with 3 oz. apple wood at 250 till it reaches 145*, then foil and let it sit for awhile. Not my idea on how to do it, but have been reading the forum.

Here's to good smoking.

In the brief time that I have had the pleasure of being a Cookshack owner, I have found that the "It's done when it's done" statement is true. I have learned to kick back and enjoy a chilly one and just wait for the mouth watering goodness to from my 0025. Some people say patients are for doctors... I say patients are for great Q.
Well the pork loin turned out very tender and extremely moist (probably helped by the applejuice injections), however, the loin had very little smoke flavor. Smoked 3 oz of apple that I had previously used. They were two charred and darkened pieces, but the wood seemed solid like it would have life left. Very little smoke came out during the cook. Should I have used only new wood that hadn't been burned?
Taste will be a personal/subjective thing.

Without getting into amount of charring,wood placement,etc,add more wood -until it suits you.

i.e,my kids like more ketchup on their french fries than I might.
So,they put more.

That said,the CS burns very efficiently,apple is very mild,it didn't cook a long time,if it is cooking correctly-you shouldn't see much smoke,you basically were burning charcoal,and it doesn't smoke much anyway.

The new pork is lean,mild ,and basically flavorless.

It may taste a little more of smoke,the next day,when you have been away from the smoker.

If all else fails,cook it down around 160º for the first couple of hours,and then turn it to max.

Take notes.

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