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I just got a smokin' deal on a tiny old SM007 smoker. Brand new old stock. Been sitting in a barn all these years unused. It came with the original cookbook and three chunks of wood to season the smoker.
Can anyone tell me about this unit? How much meat will it hold? Does it do a good job, any special techniques, etc

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Thanks Brian, I've been around since 2011, just don't post a lot.
Checked out your link, but I have that PDF as I own an 008 as well. The 007 is even smaller, has only two racks. For comparison, here's some pics of the 007 next to my 008. The 007 came with a book, but it's mostly just a cookbook, does not say anything about capacity, or if any special techniques should be followed when filling or cooking in this tiny thing. I'd just like to know more about this model. Was it the first Smokette?
It's easy to pick up and move around so I'm thinking it would be great to use as a portable smoker to bring camping, tailgating or just bringing to a friends house for a BBQ.


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