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Keeps popping the 20 amp GFI won't heat up. ?
Anybody got some ideas ?? Got a catering job coming up and really need this sucker.
last year replaced the power cord, it was heating up at the plug end...solved that problem but now after it sat on the porch over the winter I have this problem...some breakers corroded or something maybe ??? element gone ?

Any ideas on the matter would be appreciated.
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yes I brought it in the house and had it on a 115 v outlet and it worked fine. set temp for 225 went to 232 in 8 min shut off and came back on @ 224....So it appears to be fine.

heres what I did .. I have a cord aprox 20 ft but its a romax 10/2 20 v wire with 20v ends. the GFI is directly coming off the pole outside. I think I have used it once,since its been put in but can't really remember. Is there normally a problem using a GFI for the cookshack ?
Originally posted by Pags:
After smoking for a few hours, see if it now works on the GFI.

And for peet's sake, get a cover. I'm in Jersey and rain, sleet, hail, snow, or hurricanes it keeps my SM150 pretty doggone dry. No horsing around with it. Only time I DID have to horse around was after 20 inches of snow, had to shovel out and salt the area near the smoker and reset the little breaker on my outdoor outlet to get it going just fine.

Well I smoked a butt two racks of ribs and a corned beef brisket. It worked fine on a non GFI outlet, now to try the GFI again ? Got a new element just in case, also a new GFI. Won't be doing a smoke until later this week and then I'll see about the GFI. I bought a pellet grill and it too pops the GFI ? Damn things anyway.

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