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Need to get as much input (positive and negative)from owner/users of SM 150. Had demo yesterday(baby backs)and it was pretty impressive---how is consistency of product,volume of production,esp,pork shoulder(6-7)pounders and beef brisket,reliability over extended use periods. All the good and bad stuff.

Thanks and all best----Russ
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Russ Ive had my 150 for almost a year now. Let me tell ya ive used the heck outta that machine.
Ive done many loads of jerky.Venison and Turkey jerky for my friends. Its just awesome for ribs, and butts. Ive smoked several pieces of salmon too. I have a mobile pit but its a big pain to get out and fire it up. I know John Schifflet from Cookshack has the same model as me. I love my 150 for wintertime Q

Any more ?????s just ask me.

Welcome Russ.

If you check the Roadfood forum,I answered you over there.


The folks at Cookshack developed the original model as a brisket cooker,and they are outstanding.

It cooks shoulder/butts the same way.

It has the benefit of cooking at higher temps than some of the smaller models.

There are some folks that like poultry and other items at these higher temps.

It has cababilities to do some cold smoking,as well.

They are very efficient,and cabable of producing excellent quality product ,even by minimally trained help.

Like in all cooking ,they need some guidelines to follow.

The Cookshack forum can be the answer to most of the questions that might arise,and keep your learning curve to a minimum.

I have used one for several years,and am still amazed by the versatility and ease of use.

If allowed,I would use it on the competition circuit,as well.

Our team uses FEC 100's which are great ,as well.

Mine sets out at the beach in south Fl,in a salt storm year round.

I work it like a borrowed mule and never have a problem.

Hope this helps a little.


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