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I had my 040 at CS for some repairs over the past couple of weeks and the good folks in Ponca City upgraded my controler with the 045 model, now I have probe otion (Thanks Bill!). What I'm wondering is if I should spring for the temp probe. I have and use a couple of Maverick ET732's to monitor both meat and oven temps. If memory serves the 045 controler doesn't automatically go into "hold" mode. Please correct me if I'm wrong. So I'm thinking about all I would gain is a more robust temp probe, integrated into the contoller.

Thanks for any input or thoughts.
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VA Slim- I have the 045 and you are correct, the temp probe is just that- a temp probe only.
The only drawback I've found is the connection going in to the controller was quite weak and broke. The connection is somewhere in the grass, I was going to resolder it and somehow got knocked off hte deck and disappeared.

I've been just using a BGE thermometer probe with great results. (had it before I had the 045).

I think I'd save the money.

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