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Hi All. Well, I've had my AQ for about 5 years now, and the cooking racks (at least a few of them) are showing signs of wear - black streaks/spots that won't come clean, rough areas on the grids that don't release food. These are the original nickel-plated grills that came with the unit, and now I have the choice of replacing them with those or with the stainless steel ones.

The SS are about $20 more per rack. Has anyone made this choice, and how did it turn out? To replace 3 racks with SS costs $60 more, but with the nickel I already have gotten 5 good years.

Any ideas/thoughts? Thanks!
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I personally think CS should only offer SS racks. The quality of their products is devalued with the plated racks. I understand cost competitiveness but I don’t think $50 would sway someone either way @ initial purchase. Buy the SS & don’t look back! You won’t regret it. Add some FastEddy Rub to the order to take the sting out of the shipping fee.
I ordered the stainless in addition to the ones that came with my 055 10 or more years ago. But I thought I would use the plated ones first. Unfortunately I am still using the plated ones because if you treat them right, they will last a long time. I let them soak in the sink in hot water to remove food bits, then put them in the dishwasher. No scrubbing involved. But I guess it is time to start using the stainless.
Joe, are you saying the stainless racks will rust if just hand-dried after washing? If so, I wonder what SS alloy is used in them. I live in a fairly humid environment so I would be concerned. I have had no rust problems with the nickel-plated racks for 5 years, although the smoker does live in an unheated garage, not outdoors.

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