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I am in the market for a new smoker. I have been looking at the Amerique SM066 for a while. I discovered the Lone Star Grillz (LSG) Pee Wee on accident. I really like the SM066 for the set and forget and temperature holding capabilities. I do not care about the lack of a smoke ring concern using an electric smoker either.

But with that said, I have some minor concerns about the SM066.

1. I've seen posts about the smoker tripping GFCI outlets. It's going on my porch and both sets of outlets are GFCI.
2. I've also seen post on here and other forums about probes failing and the controller having issues.

I also read outstanding reviews on the SM066. I would buy this through BBQ guys. They have a 5 year warranty (extra cost) on parts and labor and will ship for free.

The LSG Pee Wee is charcoal and pretty much bullet proof. I have no concerns with this one other than cost and weight (350 lbs). My only issue is trying to figure out how to make separate brisket warmer. I have a roaster and sous vide. I have seen posts on this forum about using both as warmers.

I would love to hear from anyone who own the SM066. THANKS.

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Bought my 0666 in 2012.  Still have the same probes and controller.  No issues.  Probes get wiped after use but never ever immersed in water.  Smoker is under cover.  I don't have outdoors gfci so I have not experienced the tripping problem.  However, the tripping usually comes down to a faulty gfci or residual moisture in the smoker where the heating element comes through the wall.  Drying out that area has solved problems in the past.  Also a bad gfci  being replaced works.  One could try a marine grade gfci (think boats and harbors and such).   Wish I could say more.

My SM066 sat outside for several years, covered when not in use.  I haven't had any problems with it.  Purchased in 2011.  One day at -20 the LCD panel was frozen at first, warmed it up and it took off for a brisket cook.  The block sitting in front of the smoker kept the wind from pulling it away from the house, had that happen once.  Still use it but now have it in a ventilated shop building.


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My SM066 was bought in 2013 and is going strong. Yeah, the original probe wire sheath melted in one spot where it contacted the vent hole rim repeatedly, so I bought a redesigned replacement a couple of years ago, but I have never used the replacement since the old one still works! I replaced two of my chrome cooking grids two years ago when they became hard to get clean and got a bit rusty, with stainless grids (my personal rule is I clean everything that contacts food after every smoke). My smoker lives in an unheated garage, and I wheel it out onto the apron to use (I installed larger casters after I got the CS stainless steel storage cabinet unit for under my SM066 where I store all my wood chunks).

My SM066 produces consistently great BBQ. In the summer, I smoke 30 - 35 lbs of sockeye salmon when it is in season, and have that treat all winter. Overnight smokes for large cuts like butt or brisket are easy - start low, get lots of sleep with no worries, boost the temp in the morning, and done before dinner time. There is definitely a bit of a learning curve, but it is a fun thing!

You won't regret buying a SM066 Amerique.

Thank you. That is great information. Makes feel better.  I will be pulling the trigger next month.

Would you mind elaborating on your overnight brisket cook.  I generally cook at 225-235 on my Webber.  Normally, it takes me 12-13 hours to smoke a brisket.

The ability to keep food warm at proper holding temperature is huge selling point for me.


I do prime, full packer briskets from Costco.  225.  I start between 11 and midnight and off to bed. Check the meat temp when I get up, don't open the door, and move on to other activities till I get in the 190 degree range.  Remove, wrap in heavy foil, then a heavy towel and into a cooler till eating time, which may be a couple hours away. Always a treat!

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I will set the smoker in the cart at the opposite end of the cart handle with smoker door facing the handle.  The extra space on the cart should act as a shelf and allow space to remove the drip pan.

According to the measurements, there should be a 2 inch gap between the smoker and the side walls of the cart allowing the door to open properly.

Also - if I put the wheels on the smoker that will raise the bottom above the side wall height.  The cart side wall is 3.5 inches tall.  The smoker with out wheels is three inches and with the wheels it is 6 inches.

So my smoker arrived yesterday.  It was not supposed to arrive until next week.  I am still out of town with work.  The truck driver was unable to back down my driveway.  He could not back the trailer in the driveway without the truck dropping of of the edge of the gravel road.

The driver unloaded the smoker and pulled it with a pallet jack almost a 1/4 mile down my gravel driveway and placed it on my front porch.  I watched all of this from my security cameras.

I thanked driver and called his company and told him what he had done.  The company was very appreciative of the phone call and stated they have a rewards program in place for actions like this.

Next week I am going to bring him a bottle of JD and a gift card.  He only had to leave it at the end of my driveway and he went above and beyond.

Next stop - Harbor Freight for the cart to hold the smoker.

Delivery day is exciting. I still remember mine now almost 10 years ago. Such a thrill and couldn't wait to do a "break-in" smoke. I'm still as happy with my SM066 as I was then. Did a big rack of loin backs last night. Overcooked them a bit (why does that always happen in winter, but never in summer??), but whatever they were great.

The door is a compression fit. No issues.  Over time the smoke residue will build up and the 'leaking' will diminish.  Maybe completely, maybe not. It is important to note that the smoke is flowing up and over and around the food.  My two smokers had leakage at the top corners of the doors for a year or two.  Now nothing. All is good.  As for the temp swing, with no load in the smoker, there is nothing to absorb the heat. Again, nothing serious there.

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