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I have a SM066 that was manufactured in 2006. My dad has had it sitting in his metal building for probably 10 years because he said it kept shutting off. I decided to try and figure out what was wrong with it, so I picked it up and have been messing with it this weekend. I have my Fireboard remote temp sensor in it and it seems like the heat is shutting off after the 1st or 2nd "cycle" of heat. It ramps up to the initial set temp, cools for a bit and then ramps up to the set temp again. After that, it seems like the heat just shuts off and it doesn't heat up again at all. Display stays on and everything looks good but zero heat. This is with or without using the smoker's meat probe. I plan on calling tomorrow but does anyone have an idea on what the problem could be? It's plugged directly into a regular outlet with no extension cord.  The set temp was 225°. TIA


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  • Cookshack SM066
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Just wanted to report back and let everyone know that Bill and Tony at Cookshack provided me awesome customer service! I sent my control board in and they did some testing on it and found that the relay switch's soldering points weren't good and did some soldering work on it. Tony tested the whole night and had zero issues. Just received the control board back today. Tested it and shipped it back to me all free of charge! Now that is REALLY standing behind your product! Thank you so much.

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