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Originally posted by Donnie Joe:
Well....I did it ...spoke to Dave and he gave mea heck of a deal on a new SM160....Sooooooooo
Excited, can't wait to go out and spend lots of money on pork, beef !!!

Throw a small butt on middle shelf, add a couple hickory blocks for your first 'seasoning' smoke. After a short number of smokes, you'll be well seasoned.

The SM-160 is an absolute workhorse. At restaurant, our's goes on Tuesday night and isn't turned off until Saturday night.
I have an SM150, it is the black on the outside version of the 160. WOW !! It is a terrific smoker. I did a single rack of baby backs, 4 chicken thighs and a big pan of baked beans yesterday with 2 oz of maple wood. I'm no restauranteur but I sure know a lifetime investment when I see one !!!
Enjoy your new father's day gift !!
Donnie Joe,

That was exactly the reason I went with the 150. 18x18 inch shelves. When I did my run on Saturday I had to lay this rack of baby backs at a slight angle (corner to corner) I put the four LARGE chicken thighs in the open spaces with the ribs and the half hotel pan of beans (with a big ham hock in them) on a higher shelf. Really awesome. Your first smoke should be a BIG pork butt and a pan of beans. I got the cheapest huge can of beans Shop Rite had, fried up an onion and some cut up Jimmy Deans, add your massive can of beans, hit them with some Sweet Baby Rays, light brown sugar, brandy, some homemade rub and off into the smoker. I cooked them 4 hours at 225 and then 2 hours at 275. WOW !!!

When it comes time to ordering ask them what it would cost you to have the supply the smoker with stainless steel shelves instead of the stock nickel plated ones. I've had my smoker almost two years, it was used, a lot. The shelves were pretty worn. I got myself 3 stainless steel shelves as a birthday present. WHAT A JOY at clean up time stainless is.
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My 1994 160 had been a restaurant workhorse for a few years an then out on my back patio,beachside in south FL for another decade and a half.We liv in a saltwater storm every night,but Stuart got me a dandy cover and it never missed a beat.The controller finally gave out and CS sent me the new IQ4,so it operates like my FEC 100s.

My boys have my original smokette that sets outside most of the year in KY.They run beefstock operations ,scattered around a large county and they toss it in the back of a truck and haul it where they need it.Any of the help can cook big meats in it and its ready when they get around to it.

With my Fe100 s and FEPG,we're running out of patio room,so I grudgingly am sending it up to KY to be a ranch cooker with its little brother.
Can't say they get much care taken of them,but that doesn't seem to matter.
Big Mike....

I will look into that receipe of baked beans ....sounds really good...
I did order the stainless racks along with a probe and cover....

I'm having it shipped the 1st of June and Im taking off that week so it will be baked beans and ribs and PB, and what ever else I can think of..

Thanks Tom for the assurance of this being a tank of a smoker as all cook shacks products seem to be....

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