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Three large holes on front of box along with four smaller ones through out box....

On a brighter note I had the Fed Ex Delievery Driver stand by as I removed the box and seen the damage, had him note on the voucher the damage,he signed and added his employee number.

Dave at cookshack said they have had alot of freight chargebacks to the high volume of claims, he asked me to inspect it with the fed ed driver present.
Glad I did....
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Originally posted by Donnie Joe:
Hi Wilbur,
Was able today to do some smoke'n, my element wraps around the wood box ( Both Sides ) vs bottom, however I did manage to straighten out the wood box and I have a terrific results with that.
All wood placed inside box ashed up nicely.

Sounds like you got it figured out. When we load the SM160, we typically push the wood against the left side of the wood box, and when you slide in the burn box, sort of pust it left to touch the element - get's the wood smoking within minutes. Sometimes when smoking at lower temp, and wood addded after smoker already at temp, the wood can take a while to start smoking because the element isn't red hot like at 'startup'.

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