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Yes, I've searched and can't find any posts on this specific instance.

I've tried repeatedly to set the smoker to cook temp=140 but the unit races right past that. So far I've caught it as high as 183. Getting real upset with the thing. Doesn't seem like a thermostat issue since the display window clearly realizes that the oven temp has far exceeded the cook temp. That's assuming that the temp displayed on "oven temp" and the "cook temp" setting are talking to each other electronically.

I've seen the posts where the oven temp swings a few degrees one way or the other but that does not seem to be related to my problem.

I realize that I'll have to call CS support Monday.

As it is, I'm driving manually right now. I have to switch over to probe-temp next...hopefully that will behave better though I'm going to set it at 165 degrees and have no faith that the heat will behave.
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Originally posted by DakotaSmoke:
If it's like my Amerique when first turned on for about the first 20 minutes it goes full on to get the wood smoking. Maybe this is what you are seeing. After that the temp comes down to what it is set for.

Correct. All electrics will amp up to get the fire smoke going.

But why 140, don't remember seeing that temp used much?

There are a lot of techniques that we can suggest just need to know what you're working on.
Making sausage - I realize this forum is not a real sausage making stronghold. I realize sadly now that the CS smokers are not really designed for making sausage.

Slowly drying out the sausage casings at low temps is crucial to proper smoking. It's hard to find a sausage recipe or book that doesn't drive that home. Many actually call for starting out at 100-120.

Anyone who knows anything about sausage making would have the same near heart-attack I had if they were to see the oven-temp soaring past 200 with hundreds of dollars in raw material about to turn into dog-food.

If CS smokers are programmed to produce temps other than what you set on the electronic "oven temp" setting, they should document that in the manual. Sausage makers want total control over temps. They don't want to guess what some electronic smoker is going to do.
Casings are soaked before stuffing...not sure how you do that without soaking them. These are natural hog-casings and come packed in purified salt. No way to use them without soaking.

I should emphasize - I'm not looking for advice on how to make sausage. I'm looking for information on the spooky way that CS smokers control heat. I want heat the way I set the heat setting.
Not yet. I want to re-create as many times as possible. I want to make sure it's not operator error. I want to see if I can tell why after several re-tries, it finally worked. There has to be a pattern. Day job gets in the way of too much experimenting.

Smoker is mfr date 2011..I'm not first owner.

I do know the unit has problems when air temp get's cool. The keypad seems un-interested in cooperating when temps are in the single digits. I'd hate to think what would happen when I try to use it if it gets real cold.

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