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I am 2 days new to FEC cooking. I just bought a used 300. I have ran a couple of tiny batches of cheap meats
( bologna,hotlink, brats,etc. just to play around. My timing is a little off with the light loads so far. This thing cooks really fast compared to others I have tried. I threw an 8lb dry rubbed pork loin on tonight @225, and was expecting a 4-6 cook. I checked it at 2.25hrs and it was at 155 already. I wrapped it with juice and threw it back on for another 45min. It was the most tender and juicy loin I have ever had. My question is, are my times going to change alot with bigger loads and different types of meat thrown into the mix. I expect that they will, but I would love experienced opinions. Thanks in advance.

I just don't want to waste all this time figuring it out with light loads to be suprised with a major change in everything with a semi full load.
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As I don't know what your times were, I can't tell you that they'll change.

The method you used before, what smoker where you using?

There is something of a convective effect so it may be a little quick, but not a ton.

For me, 2 to 3 hours is normal for a pork loin, depending on the size/thickness.
Like TechMoGogy, I have not experienced a signficiant difference between full and partial loads. We have cooked singles of everything from prime rib to chicken and full loads of briskets and butts. The FEC is pretty predictible in our experience.
Just watch closly until you gain the experience.

Life is good!

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