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I have an SMO66. I went out today to put in a ham. I hit the Off/On button, set the temp and the prob. temp. I hit the start button, and nothing. The screen went back to the OFF screen but it also said "Service". I have the shortest and heaviest gauge extension I can get between the smoker and the GFI service. I pulled the plug into the service and reinserted it. Same thing. I plugged it into a Non-GFI service. Same thing. I did the same with the plug between the smoker and the extension cord. Still the same thing. My smokers sit outside year round. Right now we have snow on the ground and are in the low single digits to the low 20's as far as temp. This was going to be my last smoke before I covered the smoker, and waited for nicer weather. Anyone have a clue as to what is going on, and how to fix it? The day is pretty much ruined for me. Ham is in the oven.
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Sorry, should have put MAB's initial post there first.


posted Dec 24, 6:02 AM
Trying to smoke turkey for Christmas Eve dinner. I set the temp okay, but when i set the probe temp, the service notice appears. I unplugged the unit and probe. I then set the temp and tried the time function. Same result. The service button appears and it won't cook. I'll call Cookshack in an hour and hope Service is open today but wonder whether the Forum has any ideas. I keep the AQ in my garage, so weather isn't a factor. Thanks.
Thanks DakotaSmoke. I figured it was something like this. My old 009 was bulletproof in any weather. The 045 added some kinks with the digital controller, but never failed to start. I have had a couple of times that the 066 was balky in cold weather, but I could usually get it to start. Today is the first fail to start I have had. These smokers sit outside year round. I may have to go to making the control unit portable, and bring it in the house between smokes.
Thanks for the info. I am going to try Mr. T's method and if that doesn't work, I will pull the controller and make it portable. I wasn't the only cook in the house that had trouble New Year's day. My jobs were the ham and blackeye peas. The ham turned out good in the oven, and with the Cherry, Lime, Habanero jam as a sauce it was even better. The blackeye peas were also good. I helped my "Loving and long suffering" Wife with a potato casserole. Her Cornbread didn't rise, and she forgot the greens. I just know that no one went away hungry.
FWIW - My SM160 that I bought used (mfr 2011) seems unimpressed with the Northern Wisconsin weather. I was out one night and it was relatively warm, in the 20's. It powered up but the keypad just wouldn't respond like I'd expect. Fortunately, it was just a few feet to roll it inside and let it warm up. After it thawed out a bit, I ran the smoker inside just to get things going, then rolled it back outside. (No lectures please about turning it on inside without proper venting...I'm not a dope).

I'd hate to think what would happen if I used it when temps tank into the negatives.
Originally posted by Soleman:
I've used mine at 0 degrees F with no issues, but the controller does need to warm up first.

I agree a few years back I tried to fire my Amerique up when it was -20. It came on but the panel wouldn't respond to set the temp and time or turn on. I tarped it and warmed it up with a propane heater for about 5 minutes. No problems after that. Have used it many times since in cold weather and wouldn't think twice about it.

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