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Have to ask, why?

It will smoke initially while it comes up to temp but it gets through that pretty fast.

Are you wanting to know for venting? You'll have to vent because of the heat alone. On HI it puts out a lot.

I haven't really watched it for that because mine is outside.

Let me know how much detail you need. Not sure if I can shoot a video this weekend, but I'll help if I can.
It will have smoke 100% of the time, you're burning wood as pellets are 100% wood. There is gray smoke you'll see when it starts up, but once it gets going and there's a not flame, you'll get more clear smoke.

But burning wood all the time will create smoke all the time. The key is you need to vent and you need to check the detectors themselves for the unit. The kind of smoke, clear, MAY be enough for them to detect.

If you need to, maybe give a call to CS and discuss your specific layout and design questions with them and they can assist.
Okay, now I understand.

I'll have to run mine to tell you specifically. As it's outside and I'm not standing right there, I don't monitor the color.

I do know sometimes I'll come out and see some gray smoke, but I'm not sure under what conditions.

I know it doesn't billow gray smoke the full time.

Not sure it really matters does it? If 90+% of the time you have the clear smoke does that work?

Is it a flavor profile?

I'm not sure at the temps of 500+ that it will really matter as the food will be on there for only short periods.

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