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I noticed over the summer the quantity of smoke from my SM025 has changed. I smoked a 3 lb summer sausage last weekend and with the cooler temperatures, I still noticed a lack of smoke production. The temperature control of the smoker is working as designed but the smoke output out of the vent has lowered. The wood in the box only chars slightly. About 6 months after I bought the smoker, I raised the heating element (slightly) to ensure it was touching the bottom of the wood box. Could my wood be too dry. I keep my wood chunks in my heated work shop in plastic buckets, should I store my wood outside in my smoker shed? Also, could my heating element be degraded where it is not hot enough to for smoke production. I was considering attaching one of my probes in contact with the bottom of the wood box to determine what the wood box surface temperature was. Has anyone have a good number for this?
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Since your wood is only charing I doubt it has gotten too dry.

My initial recommendation would be to bend the element a bit more to ensure it is touching your firebox. Before I had my element adjusted properly when I seasoned my sm040 my wood only chared a bit, didn't burm/smoke properly.

This is a good thread! My experience is that over time I'm getting more smoke out of my smokette, so I don't think it is age of the smoker that is at work here.

I wouldn't sacrifice a probe by touching the metal. Look at the bottom of your wood box and see if you can tell your hot spots, it should be real discolored in a few areas.

I would make sure that the internal temp probe was real clean. I use golf ball size wood chunks and put them around the center hole in my wood box in my 020. I like to make sure the cut edge is in contact with the bottom of the wood box.

Try leaving a lid off the buckets for a few weeks, maybe it has built up some humidity in the wood, the lid might have kept it in the bucket. 6 months shouldn't have made your wood old, IMO.
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Turn your smoker towards the sun. Look into the wood box as it sets in its normal smoking position (may have to back the woodbox slightly). You should be able to see the 2 forward woodbox holes through the tiny space between the woodbox and the housing that holds it. The heating elements curve under the 2 front holes. Are both curves of the elements touching the woodbox?

Also, when I insert my woodbox into the smoker, I have to gently lower the element a 1/4" to allow the woodbox to be inserted. That way, I know the element can't help but touch the woodbox.
Removed the wood box and used a wire brush and gave all sides a good cleaning. Cleaned the smoker temperature probe also. Went to install the wood box and noticed only the front loops of the heating element were touching the wood box. I very carefully aligned the heating element rear loop. When I install the wood box the 3 loops are now in contact with the bottom of the wood box. I smoked 3 racks of Baby Backs using 3 chunks of apple wood. The smoke production was greatly improved. Thanks All for your replies!

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