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I smoke almonds quite a bit and have had success with this recipe:

4 lbs Almond
6 TB Worcestershire sauce
2 TB granulated garlic
2 tsp salt or sea salt

In a large bowl and using a large serving spoon, mix the almonds with the sauce until completely coated. Add garlic, mix till evenly covered. Add salt, mix till evenly coated. Lay almonds in a single layer on cookie sheets. Once layered on the cookie sheets, I sprinkle on some more garlic (only if you like it heavier) and a little more salt.

My cookie sheets fit into the Elite's slots or set on grills. Smoke at 225* for 3-4 hrs depending on how toasted you would like the almonds. I turn the almonds half way through the smoke. I go longer on the smoke to get them real toasty.

I found the almonds fall through the grills so you're going to have to use the cookie sheets. Big Grin

I'm smoking the garlic almonds quite often. Never out of stock on them. They have great health benefits, and I snack on them a lot. Most of the time I tend to go lighter on the salt. I've sent batches to family in Chicago and have given them to friends. They love them, and I'm always getting requests.

If you prefer another taste, you could substitute ground dried chipotle powder, barbecue powder, celery salt or anything you can think of for the garlic.

Hope you enjoy.
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I guess so. At least you're not roasting roasted almonds. Besides the thought of another smoker's product in my Cookshack sends shivers up my spine. Big Grin

I've seen recipes with much shorter smokes, maybe that's because they're already roasted. Mine turn out crispy, not burnt.
People seem to like them. Start with 2 hrs and take a sample. You can always smoke longer. I also figured the raw almonds would be cheaper than roasted.

I'm eating some as we speak, er write.

Smoke at 225* for 3-4 hrs depending on how toasted you would like the almonds. I turn the almonds half way through the smoke.

I have to try this recipe.

Please forgive me for sounding like a complete dolt, but what exactly do you do when you "turn" the almonds? I can't get this picture out of my head of the world's smallest spatula.
Well I've smoked about 12 pounds of almonds so far. Half have been seasoned with granulated garlic and the other half with Cookshack Chicken Rub. It has all turned out great. I have found that they get better after sitting in a zip lock bag for a day or so. You have to watch though, they are very addictive. I know have freinds bugging me to smoke for them!
Way to go Dr. Dan. I, too, have noticed the almonds seem to pick up more smoke flavor if they sit in a container for a day or two. Go figure. But that's OK with me. They're great.

I've got friends making the same request. They'll supply the almonds if I smoke the almonds for them. What with the other ingredients and the prep time I think I should charge them a lb. or two.
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