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Picking mom up at the airport tomorrow morning straight in from Chicago and early for the wedding. We'll go to her favorite hot dog shop for lunch then head home, catch up and get ready for dinner. My son and his fiance and daughter/grand kids are are joining us for dinner so I'm making Smoked Beer Brined Loin Chops with Garlic Paste again cause I think mom and the kids will enjoy it. Also, cause I had plenty of loin chops. After the chops I still have a 3# loin roast left over from that same 9+ #er loin roast I cut up a few weeks ago.

Garlic bread, Caeser salad, Sharon's rice (long rice recipe from a close Syrian friend). I'm adding 1/2 cup of garlic juice to the brine recipe per dls' recommendation and brining the chops overnight. Remove from the brine tomorrow morning, pat dry, slather on the garlic paste and let the pasted loin chops set in the fridge for 7 hrs or so. Throw into the smoker like the recipe suggests except I'll use apple wood this time instead of hickory. Can't wait to try this recipe with the addition of the garlic juice and the apple wood.

Will post results later and maybe get some pictures also.
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Originally posted by Pags:
As follow up, these turned out delicious. Mom thought they wer the best "pork chops" she's ever eaten. Moist, tender and tasty. Got to love garlic to enjoy these.

Pags, I'm going to do these, being a garlic lover, pork and garlic a match made in heaven... would have loved to see photos. My experience is that garlic burns very easily - what temp did you cook at ? Incidentally, I notice there are very very few photos attached to posts. Unlike a lot of cooking/bbq sites. Is it because the cook can't wait to get their teeth into the results do you think ? I visit a site where the motto is, "no photos, didn't happen" ! Is it possible to start asking posters to include visuals maybe ?
Regards, Gus

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