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Did a search for smoking raw cashews, and drew a blank. I currently use Pags recipe on almonds, and it always gets great reviews, and certainly could use this on cashews as well.

Has anyone done cashews before? Was thinking about adding some honey for a "honey roasted" component, but looking for suggestions. Thanks
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I have tried honey a couple of times and it hasn't worked that well. At first it seem to be fine then after a while the nuts become sticky and clump together. So for smoke and eat the honey works but it doesn't store well. Maple syrup work fine as it creates a hard candy coating and doesn't clump as long as kept in air tight container.
I've never smoked nuts of any kind but if I were trying to accomplish your goal, I'd try Pag's smoked almond method. As for the honey componant, try a Google search for honey powder. I've come across it before, can't recall where. Once the cashews are smoked, place them in a bag with some honey powder and give them a shake.

Hope that helps.
Long Thanksgiving weekend equates to lots of time to experiment. Here are the cashew results:

5# of cashews and pieces (raw)
Separated into 3 batches:
1) Pags smoked almond recipe (do a search on the forum)
2) Honey roasted cashews with honey and maple syrup adapted from this site
3) Rosemary roasted cashews adapted from this site (the main difference with this recipe, is that the nuts are cooked first, then add the flavoring after cooking)

Put all on cookie sheets and into the smoker at 200. Used small piece of peach wood, thinking it would bring a little sweeter flavoring. Removed from smoker at 1hr and tossed on cookie sheet, then back in smoker for another hour. 2 hrs total. Removed and tossed again to prevent them from sticking together. Cashews were roasted sufficiently.

1) Not so great. While this recipe is awesome on almonds, and gets fabulous reviews every time, the flavoring didn't compliment the cashews well.
2) So So. Sweet and salty flavoring but nothing to knock your socks off. If you toss them, they won't stick together.
3) Pretty good. Nice sweet/salty mix, less smoke flavor, the cayenne gives a hint of hot aftertaste. As the cashews were plain going into the smoker, I think they took on less smoke, and tasted better.

In hindsight, if making these again, I will cook only version #3, I will not use any wood, and just let the residual smoke in smoker add the flavoring. It seems with the cashews, less smoke is better.

Here is the recipe for #3, and how I made them:
Place about 1.5 lbs raw cashews on cookie sheet. Cooked in smoker (amerique) at 200 deg. for 1 hr, removed, tossed, and back in smoker for 1 hr. Removed from smoker and stirred them into the following concoction until well coated:
1TB melted butter
2tsp kosher salt
2tsp brown sugar
1/2 tsp cayenne
2TB chopped fresh rosemary leaves

After initial tasting, it needed something so I sprinkled liberally with salt from the salt shaker and added approx 2 more tsp of brown sugar. This helped a lot. Sat on the counter to cool.

I did find these went quite well on a spinach/green apple/blue cheese salad for dinner that night.

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