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I have looked through all of the seafood recipes posted and no one has posted a recipt for smoked catfish,so here is ours.

Using 7 to 9 ounce filets ,place them on your rack leaving space between filets so smoke will reach all. Sprinkle filets with a rub of Lemon Pepper laced with just enough paprika(or cayene) to tent it light red. Add
garlic powder to taste,mix well and sprinkle
filets. Set your CS smoker to 225 and smoke for 1 1/2 hours,using 2-3oz apple or pecan wood. I like to use a frozen filet just when you can pull them apart,finished product seems to retain more moisture.

This can be served hot or cold ,just as good eather way. Makes great snacks served cold on crackers, or cold on a hot summer evening in a green salad with a little frsh dill and a good buttermilk ranch dressing. We have even used it to make a catfish pate for a party.
Have fun,
Where there is smoke,there is great food

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Are you getting the farm raised catfish or something different. I remember visiting relatives when I was young that had catfish with lots more flavor then what I can find here in NJ. They were river catfish(miss. river in IA), quite large as I remember but real good eats. I think that was my first real taste of smoked food other then standard bacon, ham etc. I have been a real fan ever since but the catfish we get just seem to be bland.
Tom and Q'n and Brew'n

Been using the frozen farm raised filets for years using this recipe , with great success I might add. Give it a shot,what you got to loose,after all folks around here will even eat the opp's(don't like the mistake word)and like it.
Where there's smoke,there is great food,

Papa Shaka Smiler

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