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I did some extra sharp provalone and tried the
pan of ice technique.
Not good. Set my AQ at 140 just to get the wood
going an placed the cheese in a pie pan!
The cheese was melted and the color of the smoke looked great. 1hour with hickory.
Put the pan in the freezer for a few and cut
it up. GREAT FLAVOR. Hot smoked cheese!
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Hi Grillddady,

Did you use the cold smoke baffle, and folow the instructions?

I smoke a lot of cheese regularly.
The cold smoke baffle works great.
Peper Jack and Swiss are my favorites.
I use 1 oz of hickory.
Cheddar seems to pick up smoke faster then the others, about twice as fast.
Cheese will pick up more smoke taste as it ages.

Thank you,
Brian E.
When smoking cheese the temp is the #1 issue. Do not let it get above 100 or so (cheese melts).

Use pellets or sawdust as they smoke at a lower temp (less temp to get them fired up).

Smoking cheese is not a "set and forget" it process.

The ice technique helps any direct heat from getting to the cheese, but too high a temp, direct or indirect will still melt it.
There's a post somewhere in the archives from a few years ago where someone would actually hot smoke the cheese and let it drip into foil bun pans(as a mold). Or maybe they just put the cheese into the pans from the start. I can't remember, but it might be worth trying. I was gonna try it, but never got around to it.

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