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I'm patiently awaiting the delivery of my SM025, which should be shipped on 01/13/09. I'm new to the smoking thing, but after spending countless time on the Forum, I can't wait for the smoker to arrive. I have ordered several accessories for my unit including the Cold Smoke Baffle. In the past I have tried smoked chedder cheese that a friend purchsed for me and it was fantastic! Does anyone have experience in cheese smoking and if so, any helpful hints?
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Yes I do smoke cheese in my 009 all the time the trick is I stager 2 deep disposable aluminum pans on the bottom 2 racks full of ice put a hand full of small chips in the wood box put the cheese on the top rack close the door and turn smoker to 250 until smoke starts coming out good.Then I plug the top vent wait 1 more minute for the smoke to start coming out around door then turn it off and let it set for about 10-15 minutes.Next open the door to let the heat out check the ice and repeat until you think it is good . Smoke does not penetrate very far so cut your big blocks down to get more surface area.the cheese will be better the next day or the day after that so you have to play with it you can't just taste as you go it really needs to sit for a day.
Yet another method:

I use the cold smoke baffle and the seafood racks. (but any method to put the cheese in would work.

Put a pan of ice on the cold smoke baffle as suggested.

Turn on the unit and wait until the upper chamber reaches 90 deg or 25 min have elapsed, whichever comes first.

Just turn the unit off and let sit for an hour and 1/2

Use small wood chips.
I have a cold smoke baffle and it works well. However, most of the time I smoke cheese when I have the smoker loaded with meat. I Place a make shift cold smoker on top of the smoker over the vent hole using a couple of spacers to hold up a grate and an inverted container, over the top of the cheese or many times hard boiled eggs. I do this early in the cycle when it is mostly clear smoke comming out. Roger

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