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I smoked 2 corned beef for St. Patty's day.  I did them in the SMO66 225 degrees with hickory and cherry.  I pulled them when they hit 160 IT.  I put them in a pan with enough water to come 1/3 of the way up the sides of the corned beef and covered them with foil.  They went back in the smoker until they hit 190 degrees IT.  I then did a reverse sear on the PG 1000.  I put the pan in a warm ice chest and let them sit a couple of hours.  They turned out really good.


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That looks great, Mike. I did almost the same thing, but started with a piece of corned beef brisket from a local butcher shop (I'm lazy). We've been using them for St. Paddy's day corned beef for a few years, and they are fabulous. This year I bought an extra one to do pastrami. I use a rub of 4:2:1 fresh ground black pepper, coriander seed, and mustard seed. Same as you, I cook at 225 to about 160 - 165F then pull and wrap in foil and refrigerate. This year I steamed it on the stove to about 205F (about 2 hours).  It was tender and juicy, the best pastrami I've had.

Jay:  We usually do the Cook's brand corned beef.  we have found that these suit our salt level preference better than many other brands.  This year the Loving and Long Suffering wife got the Costco brand.  These things were very lean and not a speck of silver skin on them.  The way I did them the taste was about midway between corned beef and pastrami.  When I want good pastrami I go to a little town close by.  They have a bowling alley with a restaurant.  This little hole in the wall place has won national awards for quality of food.  They get their pastrami shipped in from New York City.  Good stuff.

NYC pastrami is undoubtedly the best. Some of the iconic delis have closed, but when I get in there again (who knows when, with the rampant street crime, what a shame), I'll search it out. I still maintain that pastrami is defined as smoked and then steamed corned beef, of course most delis don't use brisket but some  kind of chuck roast for thin slicing. It's all good!

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