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Very new to this cooking my own Q. Am now starting to realize it is more of a life style. Before 008 my wife would cook somthing like 8oz broiled chicken breast. Now I cook 16 lbs of pork butts. Men like meat, right. Before 008 I would have a glass of wine as the chicken cooked. Now people on this forum say you sit in a chair and drink lots of "adult beverages". Men like "adult beverages" right. But now I get to my question. Everytime I run my smoker my pants get tighter. What is in that smoke that make my pants smaller? Its not just me, look at a BBQ cooking event on TV, everybody who is cooking looks like there pants are too small. Got my first brisket smoking now, I know that son of a gun will shrink my pants more. My wife agrees it is somthing in the smoker. I ask her why I can not buckel my pants anymore all she would say is "Its that darn smoker"
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Maybe we could start a forum "Hand me Down" store.

That way when your pants get too tight you can just trade them in for someone's who has been on the forum a few more years than you, and visa versa, your's would go to a newer member whose britches have just started their long journey of shrinkage!

Gee, Smokin', you're getting the raw end of the deal on that idea.......... Big Grin
Perhaps CS should sell Sansabelt pants in the CS Store:

Copied from --
Who we are. What we're all about.
Can a waistband change the way men buy pants? Few people thought it possible, but that is just what happened in 1959 when Jaymar-Ruby introduced the patented Sansabelt waistband. Its unique triple zone, triple-action elastic webbing finally offered men everywhere the style they wanted and the comfort they craved.
That was then. This is now.
And while Sansabelt still features the comfort-fit waistband you've grown to love, we're introducing new looks and innovations designed to appeal even more to today's active man. Like new high-performance fabrics that move with your every move. Sleek, updated silhouettes.

Yeah man, that's us -- today's active man, seeking those high performance, triple zone, triple action elastic webbing comfort waistbands for our sleek updated silhouettes.

Style, comfort, oh yeah. All hail Jaymar-Ruby. . .
Man you guys are SICK...Don't even want the visuals of "nude BBQ'ing" well, unless it's my wife.

Here's what you do. Start competing and from all the loading, unloading, loading, unloading, you won't have enough energy to eat any Q.

Of course, this year with the trailer, the BBQ Diet didn't work.

38x32 here. but I find it goes up in the summer and down in the winter maybe because I eat less Q???
It seems to be similar here. I am less active in the summer. Just too hot to get out and do anything. I work in the yard alot in cooler weather. I don't think it is the BBQ making us fat. I think it is the bread, slaw, tater salad, beans, coconut cream pie, imported beer, homemade wine, etc.
I think y'all have got it all wrong. It has nothin' at all to do with the smoke or the pants, there is something in the smoke like a virus. Confused

It makes men think not only can they do q with all the guys on TV, but they can also cook with any of the other chefs also. Alton, Emeril, move over dudes! Big Grin

The only problem with this smoke related virus is that as Big Al stated in the opening, instead of a couple of steaks, you have to make enough to feed the whole neighborhood, if not a small town. Smiler

I know I just make a full 6 qt. pot of gumbo to feed three people. The only thing it had to do with q is that it used smoked meat. Roll Eyes

Just as GHL just said, it isn't the Q or the smoke that is the problem, it is all the other things you now make that you used to allow the Mrs, make in Mrs. quantities. Cool

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