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OK, Donna. You guys are way behind and I can't hold it in much longer. Beside's I need a bigger one than the 50. Unless you guys change the rules on me, I'm going for the Grand Prize!

But first: A cool thing I was gonna put on my web-page-I-don't-have:

Don't know if you hicks know about Smoked Spanish Paprika, but it's all the rage and costs thousands of US dollars a pound.

Sheeeeee-it! Get a big bottle of the regular stuff from Cost-co and smoke it yourself! Tee hee, Broker!
I got a smoker!

Pour the stuff out into a pie plate and smoke with whatever turns your crank. Stir once. Takes about an hour. It is a delicious condiment on it's own, a seasoning on it's own, or an additive in your homemade or favorite rubs and such.

I'm back, Boys. Need another smoker..... Big Grin
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I waited for your check as long as I could, Baby! You ain't one of those Cheap-Ass Dates, are ya?

I have the World Finest Kipper available right now. You may beinterested. E-mail me

PS: A Bandolero in full-dress just came to my house. I blew Smoked Parika in his face and now he wants to hump my leg.... Razzer

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