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Here's a recipe that I highly recommend. Believe this is Smokin Okie's recipe. I've tried it twice and it's awesome.

Smoked Prime Rib (purchased from Sam's Club)
-Preparation the night before, by cutting it in half so it fits easily on two grills.
-Seasoned with Kosher salt, coarse black pepper and California style coarse garlic salt.
-Cover in foil and refrigerate over night.
-Preheat kitchen oven to 500 degrees.
-Place both portions of prime rib on a metal cooking pan and place in oven at 500 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes or until seared properly.
-Remove from the kitchen oven and place seared prime rib in the Cookshack smoker on the two highest grill levels you have available.
-Place probe into the prime rib on the lower of the two grill levels you have.
-Insert 2 pieces of hickory in the wood box.
-Set CS to 225 degrees.
-When meat temperature reaches 115 degrees (typically about 2 hours) lower CS temperature to 140 degrees.
-When meat temperature reaches 125 degrees (typically about 1 hour) lower CS temperature to 125 degrees.
-The meat temperature will continue to rise even at these lower cooking temperatures and will give the prime rib the "resting time" it needs to take on smoke and make the meat tender.
-I pull the prime rib when it reaches an internal temperature of 140 degrees (typically about 3 hours after I have lowered the CS temperature to 125 degrees).
-So the total cooking time for both prime ribs (total weight of 12 pounds pre-cooked) should be about 7 to 8 hours. I've had the meat temperature plateau at 133 degrees and have raised the CS temperature back up to 225 degrees to push on thru the plateau when I've been pushed for time.
-I remove the prime rib at 140 degrees which gives you a medium rare prime rib and I immediately double foil the meat and place it in a igloo cooler and wrap it in a towel to allow the meat juices to re-distribute.

I've served the smoked prime rib as thick sliced for dinner portions and I've served it thin sliced for sandwiches at a recent tailgating event. Both ways have been awesome.

When it was served at the tailgate event I just stuck it in a charcoal grill, still double foiled and set it off the direct heat and allowed it to warm up (it did take the prime rib on to a medium finish)...but the finished product was awesome.

Highly recommend this recipe to everyone. It's the most requested item at our tailgate events.
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