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Here are three recipies. The last one is the one you are looking for, I think. It's Donna's husband's speciality.


We like green[meaning raw] shrimp. Sometimes we use the 8-12/lb. prawns that Alberton's sells,shell on and split down the back.

Slightly loosen shells. Sometimes we buy the 21-25 lb. local shrimp and remove all shell,except the tail segment.

Rinse well and cover with a mix of
2-3TBSP butter
1 TBSP garlic
1 TBSP Cajun seasoning
1/2 cup good sherry/sauterne/or even good dark beer
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
Coat well and let set in refrigerator ,until cooker starts to smoke
I usually do at 225º and a little mesquite. Place in single layer on a shallow pan and smoke at least 20 mins.
Next batch add 10 mins.
3rd batch,add another 10 mins,etc.

We mop up the soppin's with some fresh french bread and chase with a cold Abita beer. After you do about 3 or four batches,you'll find the cook time and amount of smoke that suits you.

Try a marinade in Zesty Italian for an hour. I split the shells down the back,so the marinade can enter. Toss the whole mess on a sheet pan,get the cooker rollin' smoke,leave in about 25 mins at 225º. This is about the time for 20/25 count shrimp. Butter/olive oil/garlic/cajun seasoning works weel,also. Serve with warm garlic bread for soppin'. After a couple tries,you'll get the timing down We like some cayenne..

Use about 3/4 lb of headless, shell on shrimp per serving.

Obtain Jerk seasoning from store or make your own - I get a recipe from a Jamaican cookbook which I do not have with me at this time. The seasoning is mostly brown sugar, "allspice" and cayenne pepper. Use about 1/4 cup of seasoning per serving or so - the spice does not penetrate the shells very well so don't worry about overseasoning.

Rinse shrimp. Dredge shrimp in spice or shake in bag till well covered with spice. Place on seafood grille or wire mesh, and place on racks. It takes several grilles to do a mess of shrimp. I try to leave space between them for even smoking and heating.

Add wood to suit taste but a medium size chunk in a Smokete with 3 to 4 lbs shrimp should be plenty.

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