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I was thinking of smoke heating a precooked spiral ham.Has anyone done this? Do i foil it half way into cooking so not to dry it out? Directions say to put in oven at 350 till internal temp is 140*.My plan 10lbs Spiral Ham in smoker flat side down with 2oz apple or plum , 225*, no foil, 2cups apple juice in a pan till 140*. What do you guys think.Any tips would be helpful.
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It has been years since I have done a spiral sliced ham in the smoker. I just know that after about the 3rd one that turned out dry, I gave up. I also know that I am not the only one that has had this problem. Both the spiral sliced and whole hams are already cooked, so all you are doing is reheating them and adding more smoke. For me the whole ham seems to cook like a whole chunk of meat while the spiral sliced ham cooks like a lot of single slices of ham. I am sure that I could figure out a way to smoke a spiral sliced ham, and come up with something good. For me, I buy whole hams, and do them in the smoker, and spiral sliced hams get done in the oven per the directions on the package.
I prefer "2nd smoking" a spiral ham to get more smoke into the meat. But I don't heat them up much more than 120 deg.

Never have encountered what I would consider a dry spiral. Have served to groups of 12 even after hauling a ham for a couple of hours foiled and no one ever mentioned that it might be dry.
My first spiral was on the dry side, so I started pulling them from the smoker at 125* or earlier. They turn out great that way. The oven would also dry out the spiral if left in too long.

Anyways, I told Mrs. Pags that I was heading out to buy a ham to smoke after working outside most of the day. She told me my daughter already bought a Honey Baked. Frowner
I did a 8# spiral ham for Easter. Mixed pineapple topping with diced jalapenos and slathered it between the slices. Cookshack at 275 for 1.5 hours with 2 chunks of hickory, then pulled it out, wrapped in foil, and back in at 275 for around 1.5 hours. Final internal temp about 125 degrees. Kept it wrapped and rested in a cooler for 25 minutes, then ate it up. It was insanely good, not dried out at all.

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