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All I can say is this is the best pasta dish I have ever had.

- Smoke some roma tomatos
- Fresh basil and garlic and puree in Motor -- pestal or anything else
- butter(just a little
- 1/4 - 1/2 lb favorite cooked Pasta
- vegatable broth(about 1/4 cup
- day old grilled peppers(I like the orange and yellow bell, day old produced the oils)

- Ok, add the butter and some oil(will stop the butter from burning at higher temps)
- add the tomatos and break dowm a bit
- Add in the peppers (saute` a minute)
- Add in the basil/garlic(saute 30 seconds)
- add int he stock and pasta(cooked) and cook until thickens enough for the pasta to take the sauce. If needed, use some cornstarch.

The basil matched great with the wood and the smoke adds a lot of depth.

The second time we did this, we added some nice pieces of lobster.
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