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I am just finishing up butchering a deer and want to cure and smoke the rectangular muscle form the hind quarter. Totally boneless and delicious as steaks, but I want to try something new. I am looking for a cure recepie and cook times. I can get an exact weight in an hour or so when I cut it off the bone. Thanks for any help.
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Try making bacon or pastrami out of that cut. I've done that a few times with exactly the cut you're talking about and that nice knuckle piece too. I used the knuckle piece for the pastrami and the flat for bacon. Very good, something different. Probably do some again this year. Between me and my buddy we have 7 deer so far with a few more weeks to go with the bow season. Got a few more bonus tags to fill. Feb. we do our big sausage weekend where we make 600# or so pounds of brats and salami. My back is getting sore just thinking about it
Good luck
If you just want to smoke it as a roast, apply your favorite rub, drape a 12 oz. package of cheap fatty bacon on top, set on 225*, use however much and whatever kind of wood ya want, (mesquite is good with strong tasting wild game) 1.5 hours per pound and check, or temp. probe to 160-180*. Alot of people round here cook deer too done. I like it done about like you would expect a medium cooked ribeye to be, not well done.
Just to update on my deer butt success! I brined (injected and soaked) for 24 hours in 4 cups water, 1 cup Mortons tenderquick, 1 packed cup brown sugar, 1 cup Worstechier sauce all in an 8 cup measuring bowl then add garlic powder until the top of liquid is covered. whisk until all parts are in suspension and inject. Soak meat in remaining brine. after 24 hours turn smoker on to 250. go back inside and rinse the meat in cold water. pat dry with cloth or paper towel, rub desired amount of spicy chicken rub and regular black pepper. insert into smoker and reduce to 200 and smoke with mesquite for 2.5 hours. two pieces were 2.25# and two were 1.25#. larger pieces were on lower rack spaced out and the smaller were on the middle rack perpendicular to lower rack. Outside temp was mid teens, meat was refrig temp going in. cooked 2.5 hours till internal was 157-158. DELICIUOS!

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