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Hey All,
I have been lurking for a while, but constantly using your advice. I bought my Smokette on advice of my Brother who swore by you all, and I have not been dissapointed yet.

Here is the deal: My wife has arranged for me to provide pulled shoulder (she is a NYC girl, we moved to the country, and she loves the BBQ we get in KY, where I grew up) for 12-14 friends tomorrow evening. I am confident cooking in the smoker, have two 9lb picnics rubbed in the fridge and plan on putting them in this evening at around 8.

Am I crazy to try to pack the 008 with so much stuff? will it affect smoking time. I usually start a butt at 10PM, and take it out during the afternoon of the next day.

I need advice....I plan on foiling once they reach 195 and pulling them at the host's house. I am making two NC sauces (vinegar) for the three DOOKIES (I am a True Blue UK fan) and a Moonlight style sauce for my wife.

IS my timing correct, will the smokette fit the two picnics? etc etc.

Also, Mainley...I love your site!

Much thanks....GO CATS!!!

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How did you space the picnics in the smoker? I am planning on putting one on the lowest rack and then hopefully the other above that with the thermometer. (where should I place it in the cut?) If I do not open the smoker until the top piece of meat is at 195, then I imagine that the moisture content will be acceptable.

I am assuming that the lower picnic will be drier, however as I mix the two meats, the moisture should balance out.

I guess I am nervous as this is the first smoke not solely for family consumption.
When you get up in the morning, rotate them and put the bottom on top. That will even them out fine.

If this worked in the past to finish for the time you want, two shouldn't make a difference. You can easily start them an hour sooner and pull them and do the "store in a ice chest when finished method"

Are your sauces homemade or storebought? Always good to hear other receipes for pork.

We are making the sauces tonight, homeade.

Basically its crushed fresh tomatoes, some peppers, bourbon, butter and molasses cooked for a long time......still trying to perfectly recreate my uncle's sauce....growing up it was mainly used for mutton, its a little rich for pork but my wife loves it

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