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Bored so I smoked some chicken quarters for my lunch tomorrow.
Smokette set @225.
Cherry wood 2 oz.
Rubbed with olive oil and Cookshack Spicy chicken rub.
After 5 hours temp in thigh was 180.
Taste was good meat falls of the bone.
Could have taken it out a little sooner but it was moist.

Experimenting with different flavors of wood.
Next time I will use only Apple wood.
Then I will try it with only Mesquite.
Then try it with only Maple when it gets here.

I will experiment later this week when my Jerky kit and Buckboard bacon kit arrive.

Thank you,
Brian E.


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Originally posted by mr jig:
Thanks Bembring.

In my 55 at 225f i cooked to 180 in 2 hr 15 min No pre heat.
My 5 leg quarters were excellent and looked about the same as yours.

I can't understand our big time difference can you?
I brushed lightly with Bone Suckin sauce when finished.

I guess different boxes are slightly different. I have an 008 and it cooks yardbirds/parts in less than 3 hrs.

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