I've had my 009 now for over a year. It sits in a cabinet on my deck and I have always fed it from a power bar with an on/off switch. When I was finished with a cook I always turned the thermostat to the off position and always shut the power off at the bar.
That is until today when I forgot to turn the power bar off. Now I see that the 009 is not really turning itself off when I shut it down. It seems to be maintaining a temperature of 90 degrees. In short, it is not really turning off.
Now that I know it it is no problem as I can continue to use the power bar switch to turn off. But still it isn't right.
Should I be inquiring about a new thermostat or switch or whatever?
I forgot what warranty is on it. No matter, I still want it fixed but
I probably won't mess with it until warmer weather anyway.
Any suggestions
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I had the same problem with my 55.Every time I plugged in the unit it would spark and snap until it eventually burnt off the plug. I installed a new thermostat and that solved the problem. The people at cookshack said they received some bad parts and replaced it for free.
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I know some people get tired of hearing this but the pat-answer is "Call Cookshack Customer Service ." The number is 1-800-423-0698. I have yet to see a post to where anyone was disappointed with the way they were treated. They are truly concerned with your satisfaction and want their customers to be happy, satisfied & content.

Give it a shot! Big Grin
They must have gotten some bad parts about a year and 1/2 or so ago. I had the same problem with an SM50. If you'll call them, they will send you another thermostat. You'll have to replace it yourself which will take you 30 min or so. So far the replacement they sent has worked fine. I bought mine in Oct of 07 and it cratered in Oct 08. I would certainly uplug the unit when not in use.

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