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Don't get me wrong--I love my smokette. But whoever said the Cookshack was designed as brisket cooker must live in an area with smaller cows than we grow in the rocky mountains.

Whenever I put a brisket in my smokette I push the rack in about half way to adjust and contort the meat so that it will fit. Then what always seems to happen is the weight of the brisket causes the rear rack holders to pop out of the pin and they swing up and out of place. It's easy to get them back in under ideal circumstances, but at night (I usually put my briskets in the smoker right before I go to bed) it's dark and a cold wind's blowing and I've got to stick my hands in the smoker getting wet rub up to my elbows.

The brisket is at 186 degrees right now. I'll get over my frustration in a few hours after my first bite.
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You sure are lucky to find briskets that large. Here in MD they are so small you could put them between two slices fo bread for a decent size sandwich! These stores around here look like they cut meat for single people in their latter years! Seriously the only rib roasts I can find are 3 ribs maximum! Wish I had your problem. Dj
I agree with Dennis, I just smoked a brisket over the weekend in my Smokin-Tex and it was only a 5lb flat.

I injected the brisket with beef broth, then applied my rub. Started the smoke at 225 degrees 11pm Satruday night, and pulled it out Sunday morning @ 8:40am internal temp of 195. It was great!! next time I'll have to buy two and smoke them both.

Hey Tom,

My CS does a great job with brisket. I was only griping about the rack holders popping out of place which happens while loading and trying getting the meat to fit. If the smoker were larger, it would slide right in without all the fuss. After they cook, even the 15 pounders seem to shrink to fit.

I usually buy the largest briskets available since the time and effort to smoke one is the same whether it's a 10- or a 15-pounder.
That's why I am glad I bought a model 50! I figured bigger is always better. I guess I am lucky I could afford the larger model. I have been doing 8-10 lb choice packers no problem. I seem to be getting faster cook times on brisket than the 008/009. About 1 hr a pound to reach 190. I am attributing this to the increased wattage?
If you are using the same brisket,it is hard to say.

Remember at slow and low ,it can take as long for a 1 inch cube to render and break down collagen ,as a 1 inch thick,by 1 ft square.

15 lbs could tender in fifteen hrs and 10 lbs in 15 hrs.

It is still the slow and low against those meat fibers.

Thus 4 lb boneless butts X 3 hrs may equal 8 lb butts X 1.5 hrs.

Each may finish in 12 hrs.
Steve from Tiawain is coming over for some Q tommorrow. He's in town for spring training in Clearwater. Anyway I went to 3 markets looking for a nice brisket but couldn't find anything over 4 lbs. Bummer. Anyway I shamed the butcher at Publix so bad about this he sold me a 8 lb sirloin for brisket price at $2.39 lb!
Steve will have his pick of, smoked sirloin, 3 racks of ribs, and pastrami.
Taking care of our tourists here in beautiful Largo Florida, Temp 75 degrees!
Decisions, decisions. Spent a bunch of time last night looking at this baby. Unfortunatly, the Little Lady likes her beef well done. Was it up to me I'd throw it on the grill, flip it over and chow down. I'm thinking of heavy smoke for a bit then slap it on the grill like you say. If she had her way It would be on the grill already for supper tonight but I prefer Red Wings for shoes myself.
Had a great time with Steve last night! Ended up putting that 7 lb sirloin on the grill with some smoke. Came out with good flavor but somewhat dry [my fault] Trying to please the med rare and well done people. Why do they like it burnt? Going to make some great french dips though. I think Steve liked the chow he kept going back for more and stayed until around midnight shooting the BS.
He had almost everyone there ready to move to Tiawain.
Several people asked how I met Steve, The look of amazement when I told them it was on a BBq Forum was beautiful, The typical comment was I never knew there was such a thing.

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