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Ok everyone.. Here goes.
I was at a Garage sale today. There was this cool looking smoker, (Smokette II (Model 008), sitting on the drive way. It was marked $250. Had been crossed out and said $50. I looked it over talked to the ppl and they said it still worked and it had belonged to their son. They said that he was moving and didn't have room for it. He gave it to them and they never used it.

Said he payed $475 brand new. It didn't sale Friday so they lowered it to $50 today. I offered $40 and got it.

The only thing wrong with it is there are NO grills in it. The side racks, firebox heating element.. everything is there and in excellent condition. They said when he moved he forgot to give them the grills and they have never used it since.

So I figure I just scored and EXCELLENT smoker for a very nice price and all I need to do is get 3 grills for it. I noticed at the Cookshack website they don't list this model any more. That's when I realized how old it was. I have ALL the documentation. Owner's manual Version 00.1 January 1, 2000.

Great info etc.
So I guess my question is.. Are the grill specs on the newer Smokette Original that's for sale now the same spec (size) as the one I have, (Smokette II Model 008)? I used measuring tape and it looks as if the grill size is 13 3/4 inches wide and about 13 inches deep? I need to take more accurate measurements but that was what I was able to approximate in the dark of my garage in a hurry before I had to help my sister at my mother's house.

Thanks for any advice you all may have. Wink
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Originally posted by AndyJ:
Just curious, why does everyone seem to like the SS grills so much? I have the regular grills, every few smokes I'll throw them in the dishwasher. No problems with them.

I mistreated my standard issue grills due to ignorance of how to properly clean them and they corroded and pitted. The SS grills I can leave soaking overnight in the laundry tub in the gargage and they'll not corrode or pit.
Short story on the SS racks:

1) Original purchase was an 008 Smokette. I was anal about cleaning the racks... scrubbed and soaked in solution(s).
2) Took the finish off the racks so they looked like copper. Still worked but I wondered what metal I was dealing with.
3) Sold 008 to a friend and bought an 055.
4) Also bought 5 SS racks. Haven't used them yet. <grin>
5) Not so anal with 055 racks. Put them in dishwasher and give them a quick wipe after they come out. Most of the food particles come off in the wash and the rest comes off with the wipe.
6) Original 055 racks are mostly black and I don't worry about it. May switch to SS racks just to get them used.

Moral to story: Original racks are ok if you don't abuse them. Since the 055 is probably the last smoker I will ever need, I'm not sorry that I bought the SS racks.
Axeman, I really don't you're going to like that smoker since it didn't have any grills in it. I'll save you a heart ache and take it off your hands for what you gave for it, and we'll both be happy. Wink I miss mine

If by chance do do decide to fire it up and use it I believe you're gonna like the way you smoke
Welcome to the family

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