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I have had my smokette ten years. It is the non-digital type (circular circular temp knob)

I was in a hurry. I made some ribs. I foiled the ribs to bring to a friends house. I forgot to cover the smokette. It rained. When I got home I unplugged it. It has been sitting covered outside for 48 hours now.

Should I just plug it back in and turn it on?
Or should I try taking it apart and blow drying the electronics?

thanks in advance... Nice to see that the forum is still up and running. I have not visited the forum in 5 years or so. I use the smokette about every 6 weeks.
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These are very well built smokers and quite frankly there are not to many areas for water to enter. But it always best to err on the side of caution. I would call CS customer service for their recommendation. But if you are comfortable taking it apart then here is what I would do.

I would open the door and give it a thorough drying in the sun. If possible I would remove the outer cabinet and check the insulation for wetness. While opened, and wearing cloves, carefully remove insulation if necessary to get to the wires and electrical connections at the element and the controller and dry them as well. Once you have everything thoroughly dried, inside and out, reassemble and try it out.

But again, call CS and see what they recommend.

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