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Yep,but the biggest thing you find from brisket cooks,is they go ahead and cook them-rather than too much talking and studying.

Experience lets them do this,and they gain that experience by cooking.Catch 22? Big Grin

This is why we encourage our folks to jump in and get their feet wet.Worst case is you still get to share a pretty good meal with family and friends. Big Grin
Originally posted by cal:
Dawg gun it, Look at all the FUN Smokin' gets to have. Hope he gets back here because we sure miss him and he has only just left.

Sure wish I was in TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How bout you?

Just got back, too tired to read the forum, I'll post something up tomorrow. The team I joined entered two chicken and two ribs. We didn't make the finals in any of them, but it was really good stuff.

More tomorrow.

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