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Well, this is why I bought a Cookshack. I just put a spatchcocked fryer in my SM025 and it started snowing. First squall of the season.

My Cookshack lives in a 20cf plastic garden shed. I just turn it on and close the doors. Smoke is happily rolling out of the smokestack and the CS is warm and dry inside.

Couldn't do that with my other smoker!

Life is good!

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Originally posted by tigerfan:
Sounds great!

Glad you have the snow, please keep it!! Big Grin

Snow is great fun when you are young. But as you get older it is a real PITA!

The squall didn't last long and what little snow that didn't melt on contact has melted now. But it is a sign of what is coming.

My setup allows me to smoke in any weather. So I get to Q anytime!

That grapevine smoke is pretty good, BTW.

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That's were I'm lucky, I have a front and rear door on my garage, so I have my 025 next to the back door. When I smoke I open the windows and the back door about halfway and let it rip. Have never had any large amounts of smoke in the garage, it just goes out the back door. So when it's snowing like the dickens me and my smoker are dry as can be.

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