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May I ask what are the available choices of smoking in the rain with a Smokette?
The Smokette is on the deck. The plug is connected to a protected outlet.

I'm not to keen on :
1. Garage smoking
2. Patio Umbrella

How protected does the back of smokette have to be (especially around the area where the cable goes in),
I read about the 'build a plywood shack' approach, but was wondering if there are other ideas?
How about put a couple of railrad ties cut to the width of the smokette and place an oversize plastic storage bin, upside down covering the smokette (this is not my own idea, I read this in a different message in this forum). Is there any potential adverse effect in doing this approach?

Many thanks in advance.
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It's no big deal. Just need something that covers the smoke hole and the thermostat. I just lay a large baking sheet across both using something under to raise it up a couple inches and make sure it sticks out over the side some to cover the probe readout. With just a light shower or sprinkles, you don't need to do anything. I have used my Smokette in heavy rain showers, sleet, and snow using only the above protection. No problems man.

I-Que - My smokette is also located on a deck with no overhead protection. I found a simple and cheap solution to heavy rain and snow a couple of years ago in the plumbing section of my local hardware store. It's a 90 degree galvanized street elbow like the one shown here..

When the bad stuff hits, just place it over the vent hole. The smoke is not blocked and it's heavy enough not to blown off by high winds.

As I recall, 1 1/4" is a perfect fit and I paid around $3-$4 for the piece.
Many thanks for que-ing me in on how to solve the rain.
If I'm getting this right, this is what I need to do:
1. Cover the controls on top (e.g., plastic wrap)
2. Put a 90 degree galvanized elbow on the smoke hole
3. Keep the door closed

Is the smokette fuse equipped or intrinsicly safe? Not that I'm too concern getting electrocuted, but more worried if the meat get the electric shock and become tight and jerky

Thank you again and Stay-Quel
I saw the comment about the 90 degree elbow and flinched. The reason is.. moisture can collect in the metal elbow (like a still) and drip on your meat. I'd prefer to place a 90 degree plastic ( pvc) elbow over the vent.. or even a plastic cup on some support ( like a couple of chopsticks) over the vent that would allow escape of smoke and moisture. I've had condensate drip on meat and turn it an ugly color.. with... ugh.. taste. It's been discussed before.
I just got my 009 off the UPS truck at 5:10 Thursday night. I immediately put the casters on, put in a few ounces of hickory to season it, and turned it on. About an hour later, we had some really bad thunderstorms here. I wanted to keep seasoning it so I could put my shoulder picnic in at midnight, so I got a small disposable loaf pan, cut the sides out, and inverted it over the vent hole. I put a pair of tongs over it to keep it from blowing away. Worked good, except that there was some smoke stain under the pan on top of the smoker when I was done. When I put my picnic in, I ran the thermometer lead out the side of the pan as well.

I put 2 soup cans on my Smokette and then I place a platic cutting board on top of the cans and them a LARGE can on top of the cutting board ( to keep it from blowing off). The soup cans are tall enough that it allows me to have the cutting board go over the back of the smoker where the temperature controls are! It also allow the smoke to come out of the vent. This has worked great for me! Give it a try and let me know whatcha think!!!

I don't think rain will really hurt anything. To get the UL rating, these things are put through some crazy tests. I was also worried about rain when I first got mine. But now I just moved it a little closer to the house so it's under the over hang. The only thing I do in the rain is put my wireless thermometer transmiter in a plastic bag and let her rip. I also did the 90 degree elbow over the smoke hole and foil over the control knob. Like previously mentioned the moisture collected in the elbow and stained the top. If you think about it, a little rain going through the hole is just adding moisture, which is a good thing right? To much and it just drains out the bottom. Besides that, how much rain atually gets into that tiny hole, not enough to matter. Don't worry about the rain, this things are built to be outside.
I'm in no way saying you should abuse your cookshack like I have... I'm just here to tell you what it will take.

I have an 055 that has been used in pouring rain for 18 hours straight with no protection. I've accidently left it exposed to any number of rain showers when not in use.

Other times I've covered the top with plywood to keep the rain off the controls.

It keeps working fine.

Keep in mind the diameter of the vent... if you get 3 inches of rain you will only get about 3 ounces of water in your smoker if it is directly in the rain. That will just keep things extra moist!

Again.... not saying you should do this.. just reporting the abuse they will take.


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