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I've been able to find the short version of Smokin's pork 101, does anyone know where the long version is? Just checking to see if there is a version with pictures like the rib 101.

thanks everyone, hope you're all getting ready for a great Xmas. It's harder to get in the spirit here in Taiwan, but we're sure trying. the Taiwanese don't celebrate Xmas.

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sorry i can't help with the other but yep we are ready for christmas.
kathryn wanted tacos but we will do a taco salad christmas eve. christmas i am smoking a boneless pork loin that i am injecting with coconut milk, orange juice, lime juice and some really killer thai hot peppers that i ground to a powder. wanted to add some fish sauce but peg nixxed that.
will be just splitting sweet potatoes open and smoking those. doing it on the old brinkman bullet which peggy cleaned out by setting the thing on fire lol.
thinking about making rice with toasted coconut added and above all just having a nice pleasent time with peg and my tattooed daughter lol
merry christmas to you!!!!
Thanks Russ. That's the site I was able to get to before, just wasn't sure if there was a longer version, since you had said that this one is the short version.
You're often talked about because you help out so many of us, A big thanks.
Have a good Christmas, cheers, Steve in Taiwan

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