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We have a local meat market named Mosleys. Years ago I would buy a couple smoked hams at Thanksgiving and Christmas. They were awesome. They had that bark texture on the outside and a medium smoke flavor and still moist. I do not recall a lot of seasoning, just good smoke flavored ham. Mr. Mosely has passed on and the sons run the shop now. It is a "Wine & Meat Shop" now. They still smoke hams but it aint the same.

With my new Amerique to arive in a couple of days, my goal is to recapture that flavor and appearance of the old Mosleys smoked ham for Thanksgiving. I will have a couple of weeks to work out the process but I need some help.

What are your suggestions concerning cooking temp and meat temp?
What are your suggestions concerning seasoning?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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If you smoke a ham "raw and from scratch" you will wind up with either a plain pork roast (with a smokey taste) or pulled pork depending on finished internal temp.
Ham is made by first curing the pork and then smoking. Try a Google search for making ham then read the recipe section of this site.
Yes. I go for the big whole bone-in hams that are already cooked and just need reheating. Usually, about 4 oz. wood is plenty. I wish I had my notes with me, but they don't really take that long to hit 150*, as long as you aren't too stingy with the heat. You are just reheating, so might as well crank it up. I get good charring and bark alot like when doing a pork butt.

To you novices who want to cook an uncooked ham. This novice pulled the cooker out of the box Thanksgiving morn...broke it in with a bunch of fat and a bit of meat for 3 hours at 225...cloved and pineappled a 11 pound ham with most of the fat cut off of to lighten it up to cut back cooking time and stuck er in with one chunk of wood that came with the cooker. Stuck a thermometer in, set it at 145 and checked it 3 hours and 50 min later and it was at 200 so I figured it was done. Wow!!!....What taste and flavor!!!! Sooo moist and melted in the mouth. All our dinner guests loved it. Will never cook a ham in the house again!!! Note: I felt the thermometer was a bit close to the bone after I took it out. Will stick it in the meatier section next time. That may have accounted for the high temp reading. Will experiment with variations like keeping the fat on etc. Thanks Cookshack...

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