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Hello out there. I am new to the smoking world and have a uestion for those of you who may have actually done what I will be doing very soon. I have to smoke an 18 lb fresh ham and a 22 lb turkey in my 100 series smartsmoker. I have found the cook times and temps in my cookshack smoker book, but wanted to know a sure fire (one word?) way to get these pieces of meat smoked and smoked right. Any advice? I am looking for specifics. Thanks.
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Read Turkey 101 and the forums on turkey and ham. There is a ton of information there for you. Ignore the cookbook and follow the advise in the 101's and the forums.

For your turkey smoke until the breast reaches 160-165*. I recommend brining it first after reading Brining 101. It's easy and really adds flavor and moisture to the turkey. I haven't done a ham so I can't help there, but someone will share their experience.
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I would suggest that if you've never smoked either that maybe it would be wise to do one at a time until you have gained a little knowledge of each item. That is a rather large turkey so a person would want to be careful with it.Like Pags said, it would be wise to read some of SmokinOkies 101's before you get started.
Thanks for pointing me in that direction. I noticed these posts (the 101's)and wondered if they would be helpful. Guess so! Thanks! If I have any other more specific questions I will put them up. I am planning to experiement with the process next week. So I might find some surprises.
Good points.

When I see "sure fire" then it makes you think you're doing something the first time for a special occassion.

Word of advice.


If you're trying to impress a party or a group, the odds aren't always great that we can give you an absolute solution. Why?

Because BBQ isn't about baking a cake.

But the solution is simple.

Turkeys are cheap enough. Do a test run. Go to the Turkey forum. Read turkey one and the threads labeled "turkey results" and there will be a lot of advice.

Also, IGNORE the times in that book. Really. Come here and ask us first. I've tried to tell them and tell them about that book, but they just won't listen. Big Grin

For Ham, I'm like Tom. Are you really doing a ham or just reheating one you bought. BIG difference. Check out the ham forum. Reheating is easy.

We can get you there, but we'll have lots of questions as I'm sure you will also.

Welcome to the group.


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